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The symposium will cover a wide range of advanced automotive control, and includes but is not limited to the following topics.

1.   Combustion Engine Control - Conventional Drive Train

  • Combustion Modeling and Control: Spark Ignition, Compression Ignition, Low Temperature Combustion

  • Exhaust Gas After-treatment: Catalyst and DPF models, Thermal Management, SCR control, Regeneration Control

  • Gas Exchange Processes: Turbocharging, Supercharging, Variable Valve Technology

  • Model-based Diagnostics

2.   Alternative Power Systems

  • Energy Management

  • Energy Storage Systems: Electrochemical Systems, Supercapacitors, Hydrogen Storage, Charging and Infrastructure

  • Fuel-cells, Hydrocarbon Fuel Reforming, Hydrogen Combustion

  • Battery Model and Battery Control

  • XEV (HEV, EV, FCEV, etc.)/Solar-Powered Vehicles

  • Alternative Hybrid Vehicles: Hydraulic Hybrids, Air Hybrids, Kinetic Energy Hybrids (e.g. Flywheel)

3.   Vehicle Dynamics and Control

  • Active Chassis Systems: Brake, Steering, Suspension Systems

  • Integrated Motion Control: Direct Yaw Control/Electronic Stability Control), 4 Wheel Steering, X-by-Wire, Active Suspensions and Roll Bars

  • Vehicle State Estimation: Sensor Development, Side Slip Angle Observation, Tire and Friction Estimation

4.   Active Safety and Driver Assistance Systems

  • Adaptive Cruise Control, Heading Control, Lane Keeping, Driver Warning Systems, Systems Based on Car-to-X-communication

  • Autonomous Driving and Collision Avoidance: Sensor Fusion, Modelling of the Environment, Control Architectures

  • Intelligent Vehicles and Robotics Technology in Vehicles

  • Human Factors in Driver Dynamics or Driver Assistance Systems

5.   Design and Engineering

  • Diagnosis

  • Functional Safety and Standardization

  • Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation

  • Model-based Calibration

  • Plant Modelling and System Identification

  • Rapid Control Prototyping

  • Security and Dependability

6.   Engine Control – Alternative Fuel

  • Dual fuel control

  • Biofuels or Biogas alternatives


Invited session proposal

  • AI / Intelligent Vehicle Control and Calibration: nx4vn

  • New Advances in Control of HEV powertrains: tg6fj

  • Combustion Engine control :3u9fq
  • Vehicle Suspension Control : t9q8y


Some informations about invited sessions:

Invited sessions will received an acceptance notification during January if and only if key-words that defined these invited sessions are different from those that defined regular sessions and accepted papers of the invited sessions are suffiscient (at least 6 papers per invited session). If one of those conditions are not satisfied the accepted papers could be dispatched in regular sessions


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