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In order to stimulate the involvement of young scientists and engineers in IFAC, as well as to recognize top-level contributions of the younger generation in our field and to support their careers, IFAC will stimulate to have a Young Author Award at AAC 2019. This award at IFAC symposium, for the best paper of which the first and presenting author satisfies the eligibility criterion cited below and is the main contributor of the research results in the paper.

Eligibility and Conditions for the Award
1. The first and presenting author of the paper must not be older than 30 years old on the day of award presentation at the conference for the year,
2. Members of the Award Selection Committee of the conference must not be authors of the paper,
3. No self-nominations are allowed,
4. The first author must attend the conference to present the paper and answer questions,
5. The paper must have original significant contributions to the theory and/or applications of control and decision and it should not have been published or is under review for publication in any other international journal and conference,
6. The paper should be well-organized and well-written, clear and concise, and with appropriate references and acknowledgement. Technical conclusions should be sound, correct and defendable.

Award Selection Criteria
1. The paper is reviewed as per normal reviewing process. Nominations are typically made by supervisors or reviewers. Nominations are solicited through Papercept after the submission of final papers has been closed,
2. The Award Selection Committee selects a number of finalists, on the basis of the nomination letters, the review reports and the papers,
3. The Award Selection Committee selects a winner out of the finalists, after having attended the presentation of the paper at the conference;  
4. Awards are announced and presented during the conference,
5. If less than two-thirds of the Award Selection Committee Members attend the conference, the Chair of the Award Selection Committee may invite renowned experts from the conference attended as additional members of the Award Selection Committee for the conference.

The Award
The winner will receive an award and a certificate.  


The implementation plan is formulated by the organizers of ACC 2019. The Award Selection Committee reserves the right to disqualify the award candidate if he or she fails to meet one of the above conditions.

How to?       
   If you consider that an accepted paper is elligible for this award please send to all informations regarding this paper : 
      - Title,
      - Papercept paper number,
      - Name of the candidate,
      - All informations needed to verify eligibility (date of birth for example). 
For any other questions regarding the conference or this award, please contact   
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